Instruction Manuals

Micro Load Cells

Details how to use a micro (C) series load cell.

Standard Load Cell

Details how to use a load cell for nitrogen gas springs.

Super Compact Load Cell

Details how to use a super compact (SC) series load cell.

Digital Load Cell

Guide to using digital load cell for micro/mini series nitrogen gas springs and/or large/compact series nitrogen gas springs.

Nitrogen Gas Spring Force Chart

Force charts for all gas spring series in a poster size bulletin.

Standard Test Stand

Instructions for using the portable test stand for testing larger gas springs.

Micro, Mini & Ultra Force Test Stand

Details the micro, mini and Ultra Force® (U.0175 – U.1600) test stand as well as instructions for use.

Micro Test Stand

Instructions for using a micro (C) series nitrogen gas spring test stand.

Charging Nitrogen Gas Springs

Instructions on how to charge nitrogen gas springs.

Nitrogen Gas Booster System: DGB-150 / Surge Tank

Features of the nitrogen gas booster system, along with specifications and ordering information for surge tanks.

Surge Tank with Filling Assembly Kits

Details of the different filling assembly kits that can be paired with a surge tank as an auxiliary filling station.

Pressure Analyzer: 90.315.5

Instructions for using this multiple bit pressure analyzer for charging, discharging and gauging pressure in gas springs.

Quick Disconnect Filling Assembly: 90.310.340

Details of the 90.310.340 used to charge high pressure gas springs, featuring easy release of residual pressure when decoupling.

Filling Hardware

Bulletin details the variety of charging hardware that is available.