Design Calculators

DADCO offers numerous automated calculators to simplify the selection of key products when designing tools.


*Part number denotes model and force based on DADCO product details and operating specifications. Refer to OEM standard for specific part number and operating guidelines. The calculated values are estimates for current revision DADCO products based on normal operating conditions. Calculations provided may differ from product literature recommendations based on rounding. Excess side loading forces, contamination, misalignment and other die construction factors may increase operating temperature. Attachment mass assumes balance load and actuation force. Do not exceed the ram velocity per lifter. This SOFTWARE is distributed for your convenience, but without any warranty. DADCO makes every effort to present accurate and reliable information and reserves the right to make changes without notification. Reliance upon or use of the SOFTWARE or any of its outputs are at your own risk. With use of this SOFTWARE in no event shall DADCO be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages.