Patented Products

In accordance with Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code, notice is hereby given that each of the following DADCO products is covered by the associated DADCO U.S. Patent(s):

Product Name(s)
U.S. Patent No.
90.10RX 7,559,542 B2
SL2.090, SL2.180 and SL2.300 7,861,569 B2
SLN.180 7,152,451 B1
90.243 Pressure Indicator 7,870,832 B2
Delay Return System 8,348,249 B2
UX Series 8,444,122 and 9,046,246 B2
FCL Series 8,490,763
Guide Retainer Sets (GRS Series) 8,567,227 B2
Overtravel Pressure Relief for a Gas Spring 9,347,510, 10,113,605 B2, 10,527,121, and 11,460,087 B2
HP3 Lifter 10,962,030
Pressure Relief Valve Assembly Patent Pending
Gas Spring with Hydraulic Accumulator Patent Pending
Cam-Actuatable Clamp Patent Pending