Nitrogen Gas Spring Linked System Components

Create a linked nitrogen gas spring system utilizing the various types of fittings, hose, control panels and specialty components offered by DADCO. The linked system components catalog makes it easy to configure a piped system suited for all types of applications. To further assist in linked system design use the DADCO Design Calculators to determine your system force and pressure rise.

SMS and SMS-i

Customized linked nitrogen gas spring mounting systems are available as an alternative to manifold systems: Sectional Mounting System (SMS®) and Sectional Mounting System – Internal (SMS-i®). Both systems are cost effective, lighter, and easier to handle and store over comparable manifold systems. Each SMS® and SMS-i® is constructed to individual customer specifications then tested and shipped leak-free, ready to install.

Compact Booster

The Compact Nitrogen Booster System is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your nitrogen supply tanks. Used to boost low pressure tanks to a higher pressure; this unit is suitable for charging nitrogen gas springs, systems or storing high pressure nitrogen for future use.