Frequently Asked Questions

Do DADCO HP air cylinders meet automotive standards?

Yes, the HP series meets or exceeds most worldwide standards. The product complies with the North American Automotive Metric Standards (NAAMS), the International Standards Organization (ISO 6431), and the German Automotive Standards (Verband Deutscher Maschinen – und Anlagenbau e.V. — VDMA 24-562).

Are proximity switches or reed switches available?

Yes, both are available.

The magnetic reed switches are a popular type of sensor. Typically, the reed switch is affixed to the tie rod and rests tightly against the non-magnetic tube. The switch senses the magnetic piston as the piston passes the switch.

Another popular sensor is the proximity switch. Some proximity switches are designed specifically for cylinder use, but most conventional switches can be adapted to pneumatic cylinders. The cylinder must be manufactured with a proximity port for a probe to be installed. Refer to Page 29 in the HP Metric Air Cylinders Catalog for ordering

Can I order a stroke length that is not listed in the catalog?

Yes, special stroke lengths are available for an additional fee. Contact DADCO for availability.