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Product Solutions

DADCO welcomes customer input regarding product use and requests for new products. Our team will partner with you to determine your needs and find a solution that will best benefit your application.

Nitrogen Gas Springs

Extreme Condition Solutions


Resolve nitrogen gas spring contamination problems with DADCO’s Extreme Condition Solutions. These options are designed for applications where draw die compounds and other contaminants are present. Choose from the following gas spring upgrades: Secondary Wiper, Rod Cover, or Plated Cylinder with Secondary Wiper; all can be used in conjunction with our stainless steel fittings and control panels for corrosion resistant linked operation.

FCL Series

FCL Group

DADCO’s FCL Series is ideal for press driven cams. Available in two force models (0.3 ton, 0.5 ton) they feature a reduced force increase during travel and a decelerated force on the return travel.

90.10 RX Series- Reduced Impact Nitrogen Gas Springs

RX Group

The patented 90.10RX Series reduces overall impact force during operation.  This series replaces the 90.10R – RIC Series utilizing concepts from DADCO’s ISO Series. Available in four force models (3 ton to 10 ton) this series utilizes a robust design and the same comprehensive assortment of attachable mounts, welded mounts and accessories as the 90.10 Series.

90.10 DS Series – Die Storage Gas Springs

90.10DSDADCO’s 90.10 DS Series have a reduced rate of return making them an ideal choice for die storage. Directly interchangeable with ISO 3000-7500 models, this series has a lower operating temperature and decreases overall wear on the gas spring and press components.

Pad Bounce Reducer

Bounce Reducer

DADCO’s Pad Bounce Reducer dampens pad bounce resulting from inertia of the lower pad on the return stroke and can be used to replace keepers. Available in four sizes the pad bounce reducer is designed with an internal cushion that adjusts to suit the desired charging pressure and may reduce binder rate up to 19,000 pounds.

Nitrogen Gas Spring Systems

Delay Return System (DRS)

DRS System

DADCO’s Delay Return System (DRS) is used in die applications when it is necessary for the return stroke of the cylinders to remain retracted during operation. This customized nitrogen-over-hydraulic oil system allows for the hydraulic cylinders to function as normal gas springs during the down-stroke then remain retracted with minimal spring-back as the die opens to prevent deformation of the part.  A DRS is comprised of four main components: cylinder, accumulator, control panel and hydraulic hose with fittings.

SMS® and SMS-i®

SMSCustomized linked nitrogen gas spring mounting systems are available as an alternative to manifold systems: Sectional Mounting System (SMS®) and Sectional Mounting System – Internal (SMS-i®).  Both systems are cost effective, lighter, and easier to handle and store over comparable manifold systems.  Each SMS® and SMS-i® is constructed to individual customer specifications then tested and shipped leak-free, ready to install.

Nitrogen Gas Spring Accessories

Pressure Indicator


The Pressure Indicator is a preset component that provides a visual pressure status for select nitrogen gas springs. It is a factory installed option, set to indicate if gas spring pressure falls below a minimum value.

TEC Die Storage Blocks


TEC Die storage blocks are a safer alternative to traditional die storage blocks. Used to separate dies during storage; these blocks are resistant to brittle fracture and impervious to many types of oil and grease. Blocks are available in standard or customized sizes and provide high energy absorption, with excellent load capability.


The Cinch-Lock is an alternative to bulky mounts for nitrogen gas springs with a 50 mm body diameter and smaller. Comprised of a bolt and urethane ring set, a Cinch-Lock secures the gas springs in a pocket without additional mounting components and permits easy removal of the spring while still in the press.

Compact BoosterCompact-Booster1

The Compact Nitrogen Booster System is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your nitrogen supply tanks. Used to boost low pressure tanks to a higher pressure; this unit is suitable for charging nitrogen gas springs, systems or storing high pressure nitrogen for future use.